10x The Results for Your Business 
in Just Two Days

Discover what is possible for you so that you can:

Are You Ready To Make a Profit In Your Business?
  • Leave behind the excuses
  • Break through any obstacles
  • Move forward with confidence
  • ​​Learn how to focus on the right things
  • ​​Make a lasting profit

Introducing The Marketing and Sales Retreat

April 26-27, 2023
10x The Results for Your Business in Just Two Days

During the retreat you will discover how to:

  •  10x your business with other people's lists
  • ​Create an irresistible referral program
  • ​Understand your human design and how it impacts your sales and marketing
  • ​Shift your mindset so you will be loving sales
  • ​Build out your money-making marketing roadmap
Sounds amazing, right?
"You may not know what you’re actually going to find when working with Tami, but I promise the shifts are phenomenal.  It still takes my breath away when I think about what I experienced during our time. 

I experienced profound forgiveness for my family and the daily headaches that I had been suffering from for years went away immediately.

I am so grateful for our session and can’t imagine having to still carry around the weight of past hurt. She relieved something in me that I had been holding onto for so long. 

I didn’t know how much it was really plaguing me until she helped me let it go.  It was an absolute miracle!"

~ Rebecca
Reminded at the retreat of BE DO HAVE - You have a calling and purpose that only you can deliver. Keep taking the steps, believe. Your pain can be your gain. Turn it around and go help, support and serve others to OWN their potential. Be authentic and sell -Don't forget to ask for what you want. There are several nuggets received from this retreat and I have only touched on a few for me. This retreat helped activate the fire within. MY advice don't miss the next one.  

~Ruth M Kent -Your Abundant Accelerator
Tami can help you analyze your current business state. She asks insightful probing questions that will lead you to the next step. 

After working with Tami, I had a formalized strategic plan to execute. I needed someone with her expertise that clearly understands the business. 

Having her was like having a co-partner of my business.

~ Kendra
Meet Your Host
Tami Jaffe is a business success coach, energy shifter, author, and international speaker who inspires successful professionals who are dreaming to resign and do something new. Tami guides her clients through the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting and growing a new business.

After spending twenty years as a leader in corporate, she realized she wanted more freedom and flexibility in her life to be there for her two girls and her husband. She decided to go from employee to entrepreneur and has now made it her mission to liberate independent success-minded professionals from the shackles of a corporate career so they can start, grow, and scale their own business and not only replace their corporate income but exceed it.

She has created this event to help you get the answers you've been looking to create a profit in your business so that you don't have to go back to working for someone else.
"It's Time to Make Sales Easy!"
I had such a fear and resistance to selling when I first started my business.

I thought, "I don't want to be salesy" or "What if they say no?"

It slowed me down in so many ways...

I'm guessing you have felt the same way when it comes to sales.

Don't worry, we have you covered!

I'm bringing in my Chief Sales Officer, Che Brown, to teach you how to:
  • Identify Your Selling Style
  • ​Reframe Your Message for a Bigger Impact
  • Close More Sales while being of Service
Che is the Sales Guru you need to reframe your sales misconceptions.
Che Brown is a globally renowned giant in the sales world. He has cracked the once elusive code of entrepreneurial success with a game-changing model that unlocks unlimited financial potential, power and wealth. 

In just six short years, he has dominated the sales space, coaching thousands of rising business leaders to achieve exponential growth and success in their industries, to the tune of over $400 million and counting. His acclaimed 7-Figure Sales Team concept has forever erased the outdated notion that generating revenue in business is a sole-source game – instead illustrating it is indeed a team sport. Che lives, breathes and sleeps his craft. 

Che is the CEO of EasySalesHub scaling businesses to six and seven figures. Che was named one of the Top 15 entrepreneurs to keep an eye out for across North America in 2021 by USA Today News. Che is the Host of the #1 Business Development and Late Night Show In The Country: The Happy Entrepreneur Show, and Founder of Comeback Champion. 
Join The Marketing and Sales Retreat
April 26-27, 2023
10x The Results for Your Business 
in Just Two Days
Tami’s retreat was the BEST event I’ve ever been to! I’m still on a high after the event and have my plan laid out to take action. Just incredible!

I run a successful business, but it always amazes me when I attend one of Tami's events that she can re-direct my attention on the things I should really be focusing on to maximize my efforts and my profits! Thanks Tami!

~Laurie Johnson

Your Retreat Access Pass Includes

  •  ​2 Full Days at the Transformational Virtual Retreat
  • Insightful Activities and Exercises
  • ​Forum to connect with other attendees 
  • Workbook for the Retreat
  • Gift Box with special surprises mailed to you prior to the event (for those in the US that register by April 20th)
  • ​​Bonus #1: Grow Your Business Strategy One on One Call with Tami
  • ​Bonus #2: Sales Conversations That Convert Sales Training


Only $597!

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